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Hello, welcome to our website. We are Sifar, we are a rock band. If you haven't heard our music before, start with this semi-curated playlist of our songs that are usually more appriecated than others. If you like our music, you should definitely subscribe to our mailing list. We send emails whenever we have a new release or something super important.


Check out the playlists tab on our YouTube channel if you're not sure from where to start.


Following platforms have our complete discography. There are probably many others with our partial discography on them.

Social Media

You can connect with us through various social media platforms though we prefer that you don't rely on social media and instead subscribe to our mailing list to get updates from us.

Live Shows

Keep a track of our live shows in your area.

Contact Us

You can send us an email at or you can call or message us at +91-9873589043. We really prefer emails though.

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