Album 1

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01. Main Jaaonga
02. Roko Na Mujhe
03. Chal Diye
04. Mita Do
05. Gunah
06. Raasta
07. Aakhiri Din
08. Kala Aasman
09. Commonwealth Insaan
10. TV

Album 1 Credits

“Mita Do”, “Main Jaaonga”, “Gunah”, “Chal Diye”, “Commonwealth Insaan”, and “TV” written and composed by Amit Yadav
“Roko Na Mujhe”, “Kala Aasman”, “Aakhiri Din”, and “Raasta” written and composed by Anshul Bansal


Vocals, Guitars, and Synths by Amit Yadav
Bass by Yapang Lemtur
Drums by Deepak Singh


Guitar Solo on “Commonwealth Insaan” by Saibal Basu
Guitar Intro on “Kala Aasman” by Anshul Bansal
Bass on “Gunah”, and “Raasta” by Amit Yadav
Drums on “Gunah” by Amit Yadav
Backing Vocals on “TV” by Yapang Lemtur

Recording Engineers: Amit Yadav, Sachin Mittra, and Sukhamrit Soin
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Gaurav Dayal

Music Producer/ Arranger: Amit Yadav
Executive Producer: Gaurav Dayal

Graphics Art: J. J. Verhoef