Teri Baatein – Akshay Agarwal ft. Shivangi Bhayana & Sifar

Teri Baatein – Akshay Agarwal ft. Shivangi Bhayana & Sifar

“Teri Baatein” performed by Akshay Agarwal ft. Shivangi Bhayana & Sifar. (p) Beatfactory Music 2014.

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Beatfactory Music
Akshay Agarwal
Shivangi Bhayana

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“Teri Baatein”

Written, and Composed by Akshay Agarwal
Male Vocals performed by Sifar
Female Vocals performed by Shivangi Bhayana
All Music Arranged and Produced by Akshay Agarwal

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Aaj Kal Sifar MP3 Download

Aaj Kal Sifar MP3 Download

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Aaj kal naa jaane kyun sapne mere
Tere ho gaye, ho gaye
Ab vahin masum pal, mehke hue
Lagte naye, lagte naye

Kehna chahun mein
Kuchh dil ke armaan
Teri palko mein
Yuhin rehna chahin mein
Sadaa, Sadaa

Jaane jaana

Aaj kal naa jaane kyun sapne mere
Tere ho gaye, ho gaye

Dil ki hai dua
Seene se lag jaa tu aake
Ab teri yaadon mein
Har pal mera
Mere dil ki ye dua hai aaj kal

Jaane jaana

Song Credits

From the Album “2”

Album 2 by Sifar - Free MP3 Download

Written and Composed by Amit Yadav
Vocals, Guitars, and Keys by Amit Yadav
Bass by Yapang Lemtur
Drums by Deepak Singh
Produced by Amit Yadav
Mixed and Mastered by Amit Yadav

Aaj Kal Sifar MP3 Download