Sifar + Rdio

Sifar’s entire discography is now available for Free download on popular music streaming platform Rdio! The service was recently launched in India. Check it out here. Enjoy!



Sifar + Godrej “Tweet A Tune”

We’ve partnered with Songdew for Godrej’s “Tweet A Tune” campaign. Starting today, Godrej will show certain hash-tags on their TV commercials, and viewers are encouraged to write tweets with those hash-tags. Some of those tweets will be composed and recorded in a song format by Sifar, and other bands/artists across the country, and then those recordings will be played on radio. This could be fun! Let’s find out!


Hindi Rock Songs

Sifar have been called the “glorious face” of Hindi Rock, and a watershed band in the genre. If you’re new to Sifar, let us introduce you to 5 of the hindi rock songs that have gotten us many award nominations, accolades, praises and awesome fans!

Hindi Rock Songs by Sifar

Song: Mita Do

One of the more popular songs by Sifar, “Mita Do” was released as part of Sifar’s debut album “1” in 2011.

Free Download “Mita Do”

Song: Shaitan

With a unique sound of Electronica mixed with Rock, “Shaitan” adds a totally new dimension to Hindi music especially as far as hindi rock songs are concerned. Released as part of Sifar’s second album “2”, “Shaitan” is hailed as one of the best Sifar songs by many fans and blogs throughout the internet.

Download “Shaitan”

Song: Kala Aasman

Another fan favorite! “Kala Aasman” was originally released as a Demo in 2009, and has had a serious following ever since! The song was also part of Sifar’s debut album in 2011.

Free Download “Kala Aasman”

Song: Aaj Kal

“Aaj Kal” has been a bit of a strange phenomena. While it can’t be classified in hindi rock songs in a traditional Sifar sense – considering that very few hard core Sifar fans would consider it their favorite, but it has found its way to a more casual audience over the years. So much so, that lately it has been the most searched for among our songs by a large margin!

Free Download “Aaj Kal”

Song: Roko Na Mujhe

The first song recorded by Sifar way back in March 2008. Still considered by many fans as the best of Sifar’s various hindi rock songs. “Roko Na Mujhe” is a straight up, no nonsense hindi rock song.

Free Download “Roko Na Mujhe”

So, there you go! 5 hindi rock songs that we would recommend checking out if you’re new to Sifar! If you’re feeling a bit brave, then head on to our music page and check out all the songs that we have released so far! Let us know which is YOUR favorite!

Especially lookout for other fan favorites like “Main Jaaonga”, “Gunah”, “Chal Diye”, “Tarse”, and “Dil Ki Sada”.

Hindi rock songs by Sifar



Teri Baatein – Akshay Agarwal ft. Shivangi Bhayana & Sifar

Teri Baatein – Akshay Agarwal ft. Shivangi Bhayana & Sifar

“Teri Baatein” performed by Akshay Agarwal ft. Shivangi Bhayana & Sifar. (p) Beatfactory Music 2014.

Free Download

Beatfactory Music
Akshay Agarwal
Shivangi Bhayana

Beat-Sessions is an independent music platform for talented musicians.

“Teri Baatein”

Written, and Composed by Akshay Agarwal
Male Vocals performed by Sifar
Female Vocals performed by Shivangi Bhayana
All Music Arranged and Produced by Akshay Agarwal


Interview: The Score Magazine (October 2014)

Check out our latest interview with The Score Magazine in their October 2014 issue. This is one of the most interesting interviews we have ever done! You can read the full interview here. Please don’t forget to subscribe to them – these guys are doing an amazing job for the Indian music scene!

Read the full interview


New Song: Dil Ki Sadaa

Download and more


New Interview: Freedom Live | Planet Radio City

Originally aired on August 8th, 2014


New Interview: Rock Street Journal

Rock Street Journal speaks to Sifar’s vocalist, guitarist,and producer, Amit Yadav, about his experience writing, playing, and producing some of the best Hindi rock music the country has witnessed: Read the full article here!


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New Interview: Songdew

“We will never compromise our artistic integrity for any project, no matter how lucrative”, Sifar’s Amit Yadav in a new interview with Songdew. Click here to read the full interview.